Myself: Asdru Sierra

One could have never guessed that the young child who didn't speak until age four was destined to become the fiercely passionate, intense, strong, unique vocal talent/songwriter we now know as Asdru Sierra.

After migrating from Mexico, Asdru and his family settled in Los Angeles, California. Asdru was soon displaying his musical gifts, and the uncanny ability to play and make music out of any instrument he touches. He zeroed in on the trumpet, all the while harboring his true desire to express himself musically as a singer.

His choice of trumpet was due in part to his great love of jazz and the fact that his father was a great bolero-trio vocalist. Naturally, Asdru wanted to pave his own path musically and be different. He honed these talents, dabbled in singing, and constructed some of his first bands at the Hamilton Music Academy High School for the performing arts.

He went on to college attending the California Institute of the Arts, and there established the blueprints to his very own band after being exposed to and delving into many genres of music, ranging from salsa, latin jazz, funk, R&B, soul, rock, middle eastern, flamenco, classical, and rock en español, as well as gig around town.

Sadly, also around this time, Asdru suffered a major tragedy which forever changed his life and those of all around him: the loss of his brother. He painfully continued on with music even after a brief stint where he quit the scene altogether. It was during this time that he was asked to join Ozomatli. He aided in fronting the group with his straight from the heart lyrics and songwriting like the song he wrote for his brother, "Cumbia De Los Muertos."

For 10 years, Asdru helped to take the world by storm, traveled many continents, garnered two Best Latin Rock/Alternative Album of the Year Grammy Awards, three Latin Billboard Awards, two Alma Awards, a BMI Songwriting Award, and a more recent Latin Spirit Award for humanitarian work, including numerous collaborations/appearances with many great artists like Carlos Santana, Maná, Black Eyed Peas, A.B. Quintanilla y Los Kumbia Kings, and many more.





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